Sheryl Amburgey  – Acrylic and mixed media artist and teacher, Sheryl’s work reflects a sophisticated use of color and energy in her floral and whimsical environments. Sheryl has a studio gallery “Essa Arts” located in Jackson’s ART 634.  |  (517) 414-9273  |

Deb Drew Brown – As a photographer, Deb enjoys observing and photographing the world around her as she travels Michigan and the world. She likes to experiment with metal surfaces and structures as a vehicle to display her imagery.   |  (517) 331-3111  |

Lily Kostrzewa – A contemporary painter of international acclaim. Lily takes dreams, ideas, and cultural impressions and creates an image. One image leads to another until she has produced a whole series of paintings fully exploring her inspiration.  |  (989) 854-0829  |

James McFarland – An abstract expressionist from the beginning, James enjoys the fusion of color and action painting to reflect is environmental philosophy.  |  (517) 332-8778  |

Michael Palmer – As a wildlife/landscape painter. Michael enjoys discovering the wildlife imagery that reveals itself in the happy accident of the painting process.  |  (517) 745-4442  |

Amy Wellington – Amy likes to explore the human condition. She is currently working on a response to her collection called Gifts From the Shadow by reflecting the Ordinary Moments of Joy. She is a mixed media artist that works in all sorts of paper exploration.  |  (517) 414-9175  |

Petra Daher at MEDC - 300 N. Washington Square, Lansing, Michigan 48913
Petra Daher artist statement... "I consider myself a collector of stories.  The stories that I collect are an expression of creativity, freedom, love, and learning. Throughout my life I have used many artistic mediums to capture and preserve the stories that come to me: photography, video, film, media activism, drum, clay, collage, journal, blog and puppetry, just to name a few.  My muse is always changing.  The celebration of creative expression is very important to me.  I am happiest when I am creating.

I began my artistic journey in childhood.  I come from a family of photographers and storytellers.  Documenting events was encouraged and revered in my family. I got my first camera from my Aunt Rose when I was ten and have been a devoted photographer ever since.  My favorite subject matter is culture, nature, and grassroots activism.  My artistic approach is a mixture of both observational and expository styles.  I am most inspired by natural light, the seasons, the charisma of everyday people and the natural beauty of an impromptu situation."

Michigan ArtShare is featuring artist Sheryl Amburgey at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) at 300 N. Washington Square, Lansing.  
Sheryl's exhibit will be on display until September 30, 2015. Sheryl's heart lies in teaching young children and creating mixed media works of art. Happiness is often said to be captured in the art she creates. It is an extension of who she is and what she wants to bring to the world.  You can see Sheryl’s latest paintings of colorful flowers, landscape and still-life at MEDC.  Her application of paint is vivid, energetic, and pleasing to the eye. 

Sheryl Amburgey is a wife and mother of two beautiful daughters. She holds a degree from Western Michigan University in Art Education. Sheryl currently lives in Jackson, Michigan where she is owner, artist, and teacher at Essa Arts Studio & Gallery. 


Michigan ArtShare and Prima Civitas invite you to view artist Konstantin Prokos exhibit located at Prima Civitas on 325 East Grand River, Suite 275, East Lansing. The exhibit is up until October 20, 2015.

A Meet the Artist reception is planned on September 24, 2015 from 5 to 7 pm.  Konstantin Prokos will briefly speak about his work and creative process.  

Musical entertainment will be presented by Zac Brunell on piano.  Zac is a recent graduate of Michigan State University’s College of Music with a bachelor degree in percussion performance. Zac resides in Detroit, where he has joined many artists and musicians contributing to the revitalization of the Motor City.

 Light refreshments will be provided, and complimentary parking available in the Charles Street Parking Garage. 

Konstantin Prokos grew up on the beaches and in the marshes of Lake Michigan on the southern shores of the Upper Peninsula. He worked his way through school at Midwestern Broadcasting School in Chicago, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Central Michigan, Northern Michigan and Oakland University while working as a cook, in radio and television, and as a social worker for the State of Michigan. Prokos taught writing at Hazard KY Community College and retired from C.S. Mott Community College in 1995 and moved to Jackson where he maintains a studio. Prokos’ work is based off primary colors. He mixes these colors to intensify his work. He states, “I seldom go beyond secondary colors because I love the intensity of color. The compositions are equally simple – whether landscape, architecture, or the figure, the painting becomes abstract. Other paintings are nonrepresentational, where the work is about the paint itself and color.”

MI-ArtShare presents James McFarland: Blue Economy Art Artist Reception

EAST LANSING, MI – MI-ArtShare and Prima Civitas invite you to attend a meet the artist reception for James McFarland. The exhibition and reception will be on June 11, 2015 from 5:00-7:00 pm at Prima Civitas at 325 East Grand River, Suite 275, East Lansing, MI 48823.

McFarland’s work is primarily abstract and acrylic based. From the cool and calm blues to the muted earth tones, McFarland’s color choices can make an individual feel complex emotions. McFarland’s life has been an interesting journey to say the least. In 1971 He graduated MSU with a degree in Multidisciplinary Social Science. Four years later he learned Agriculture by working at his family farm in Kalamazoo, MI. The farm was over 4000+ acres. He worked alongside Amish farmers who taught him techniques such as using horses instead of tractors.

Four years after that McFarland became friends with professor of sculpture Bob Weil at MSU, left social work to study art and music in a private mentorship with Bob that lasted for more than 15 years. He studied sculpture, painting, art, music (improvisational jazz), and eastern religion. McFarland has been painting for thirty years and has a collection of approximately 300 paintings. In 1980, McFarland became a licensed pilot. He created the first one-person soaking tub based on Japanese bathing practices. Based on what he learned from Japan, he also created a company called Hot Water Works (, a hot tub company located in Lansing, MI. 

Music will be performed by Oud (Arabic lute) player Igor Houwat. His style includes traditional Arabic and Middle Eastern music meshed with other musical styles. 

Music arranged by Green Bow Music (

Tecla Kuhl at the Prima Civitas offices, located at:
325 E. Grand River Ave., Suite 275, East Lansing, MI 48823
Mark your calendar for Tecla's Artist reception Thursday, April 16, 2015 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Prima Civitas Lobby Gallery.  Live music by the Ed Fedewa and Ludmila Donar.  
Exhibit Dates:  January 13 through April 21, 2015
Art is passion... meditation... and sharing your soul.
Art is Tecla Kuhl's life.  It is the golden thread woven into the tapestry of her life since childhood.  Choosing not to restrict her talent for expression, she uses all subjects and many medium.   
For 11 years, Tecla Kuhl owned and managed an art gallery in Jackson, and sold her paintings nationwide.  Her greatest love is teaching children to paint, which she has devoted 20 years of her life.  She established the After School Art Program in Leslie and was awarded the Kiwanis Club Make A Difference Award.  Currently, she teaches art at a private school in Wayne, Michigan.
A self-taught artist, she is proficient in a variety of mediums including oils, acrylics, pen-and-ink, markers and terra cotta.  Although oil on canvas is her medium of choice, she enjoys breaking loose and painting purses, T-shirts, doors, lamps, marble tiles and whatever else is available. 
Her most recent painting, Group Hug, was on exhibit at ArtPrize in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Tecla's private studio in located in Old Town Lansing and can be reached at (517) 612-5250. 

Lily Lihting Li Kostrzewa now exhibiting 
at the Michigan Economic Development Corporation's
Pure Michigan offices, located at 300 N. Washington Square,
Lansing, MI 48933
Exhibit Dates: February 2 through May 1, 2015

Lily is a contemporary fine artist who specializing in cross-cultural acrylic painting. Lily, a Taiwan-born artist, her style of painting is lush, imaginative and cultural with simple brushstrokes exhibiting complicate layers of colors. Lily now lives and paints in Michigan, her artwork has been exhibited in France, Ukraine, Jordan, Taiwan, Austria, Canada, Greece, Italy and many states in the USA. Through a lifetime of learning in different medium of art, she has a MFA degree in modern painting, a MA degree in computer graphics and a BFA degree in Chinese art.         


Michigan ArtShare Artist: Michael Palmer  |   Stop for a moment - hit pause - relax and take a deep breath...When you're ready,  slowly turn and look out your window, any window, the one in your office or a window in your home will do.  Keep looking, really looking. Take it all in. Are you seeing it?  The beauty of the world that's just outside that window.  It's been there every day, but you hurry past.  The colorful birds spreading the latest gossip at the feeder.  The deer family enjoying the warm sunrise in the field across the way. Squirrels gathering food and returning to their lofty homes or the redtail hawk on neighborhood watch.  Such beauty in every moment of every day. A lot to see if you really look.  

You can view these simple pleasures by looking through my windows,  Original Paintings, I've created for your personal space, your home, your world.  At the end of the day when you pause and relax back into a human being, you can take a journey from your favorite chair next to the fireplace. You might see a wolf approaching  in the low light from your fire, and wonder where he is going or what he's up to.  You might see the reflection in the water of an Impala, enjoying it's last drink of the day, only to hurry off to a safe place.

All my art has evolved from events outside the window, inspired by life outside the studio. I would describe my paintings as a collection of moments, created in nature. The fish jumping from the water right next to the boat, or kicking up a noisy pheasant while exploring a fence row. My art is life's excitement frozen in time.

I strive to slow you down with each painting. Take your mind off the busyness of life, evoke curiosity, and bring back the excitement of exploration, discovering something for the first time or the anticipation of what's around the next bend.  I approach all my work with intentions to stir your imagination, make you wonder and explore the painting, and appreciate how it was done with brush and canvas. My main objective is to open your eyes to the beauty of our planet in my own artistic way. I've created my art with this approach since 1975. 

I'm fueled as a self-taught artist and I create a unique style of nature themed art with earth tone colors that will accent any decor and bring an artistic statement to your space.  My paintings have sold internationally, acquired honors and can be found in private home collections as well as business and corporate collections.

Chelsea Murray
Acrylic,  2014,  28-inch x 22-inch

MI-ArtShare is continuously working toward culturally and artistically enriching communities throughout Michigan. Just recently we've partnered with Lansing Parks and Recreation to launch a "Meet the Artist" series, a great new way to get 'up close and personal' with talented artists and learn more about their work. 

Meet ceramic artist Tamar Aldrich
When: Thursday, April 24th, 7:00-8:30pm
Where: Alfreda Schmidt Southside Community Center at 5825 Wise Rd. (Lansing, MI 48911) 
This is a terrific opportunity to experience art and the artist up-close and personal. Live music by Elden Kelly.
Feel free to sample his music at
Snacks provided. Cost $5.

Tamar Aldrich received 2 Bachelor Degrees in 2010 from Michigan State University; one in Art History  and another in Studio Art with a concentration in Ceramics. She currently is a Masters of Fine Arts candidate focusing in ceramics at The University of Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Over the past 25 years she has worked in Lansing and surrounding art communities; teaching art classes and running a non-profit art gallery. While continuing her education she has also successfully ran her own business for the past 18 years. 
Tamar strongly believes in women's rights and incorporates her views into her ceramics. She believes that women in the contemporary art field should relate her artwork to her role and relationship to feminism. She chooses to use women's daily lives and pass times associated with femininity such as gardening, flower arranging, decorating and sewing. 

If you are more interested in Tamar Aldrich's work please visit her website at . 


"Meet the Artist" Series



Be sure to stop by Prima Civitas soon and see the latest work by painters Sheryl Amburgey & Amy Wellington

Meet photographer Lewis Smith
Thursday, March 13, 7:00-8:30pm
at the Alfreda Schmidt Southside Community Center at 5825 Wise Rd. (Lansing, MI 48911) 

This is a terrific opportunity to experience art and the artist up-close and personal.
Live music provided by David Meeder, Native American flute player and guitarist.
Snacks provided. Cost $5. 
For more than 20 years, Lewis Smith has been capturing the inner essence of a person in photographs. He has exhibited in gallery shows in Lansing, Flint and Jackson and studied at Jackson Community College, Lansing Community College and the prestigious Rocky Mountain School of Photography in Montana. As a retired UPS driver, Smith is creating his business in Lansing, both as a portrait and art photographer. Smith has received an Honorable Mention from the MEA for his scenic work. His work hangs permanently in the University Center on LCC campus, in the Michigan State University offices on Michigan Avenue. Among other places, Lewis Smith has shown at the Greater Flint Art Council, at Art Alley in Lansing and as the featured Artist of the Month at Ledge Craft Lane in Grand Ledge. For more information about this series, please contact Marcus Wells at

Spring Tulips by Julie Haan

Julie Haan

Thursday, February 27, 7:00-8:30pm - 
Meet glass artist Julie Haan at the Alfreda Schmidt Southside
Community Center
 at 5825 Wise Rd. (Lansing, MI 48911) This is a terrific opportunity to experience art and the artist up-close and personal. . 
Snacks provided. Cost $5. 

We will feature more artists as the year progresses. We hope you will come out to support them!
March 13 - photographer, Lewis Smith
April 3 - painter and paper artist, Amy Wellington
April 24 - ceramist and multi-media artist, Tamar Aldrich
For more information about this series, please contact Marcus Wells at

Tony Hendrick

Thursday, February 6, 7:00-8:30pm - Meet painter and muralist Tony Hendrick at the Alfreda Schmidt Southside Community Center at 5825 Wise Rd. (Lansing, MI 48911) for the first of Lansing Community Parks and Recreation's "Meet the Artist Series." Tony will show us some of his new work and talk about his process. This is a terrific
opportunity to experience art and the artist up-close and personal. Live musicby Tia Imani Hanna. 
Snacks provided. Cost $5. 

For more information about this series, please contact Marcus Wells at

Sheryl Amburgey & Amy Wellington

Friday, February 7, 5:00-7:00pm - Meet the Artist Reception featuring artists Sheryl Amburgey and Amy Wellington at the Prima Civitas Foundation in East Lansing
- with live music by Tia Imani Hanna
325 E. Grand River Ave., Suite 275, East Lansing, MI 48823
Parking is available in the structure on the corner of Charles and Albert streets. Follow the walkway on Level One from the parking structure.Other access is from Grand River Road, next to Douglas J.
Below Left:  "A Pear of a Dream" by Sheryl Amburgey

Below Right:  "Plate Spinner" by Amy Wellington

Please join us...

 Meet the Artist Reception featuring Brad VanderMoere at Prima Civitas Foundation in East Lansing.
Live music by Elden Kelly and lots of holiday cheer!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

325 E. Grand River Ave., Suite 275, East Lansing, MI 48823

Parking is available in the structure on the corner of Charles and Albert streets. 
Follow the walkway on Level One from the parking structure. 
Other access is from Grand River Road, next to Douglas J.


Brad VanderMoere has worked as a professional artist for over 25 years. He earned his BFA from Kendall College of Art and Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. In
2010, he committed himself to the pursuit of Fine Artist in the discipline of Painting. His career experiences include working as an Historic Preservation Conservation/Restoration Artist; a Photo-realist Pictorial Painter; a Muralist; an Instructor of Community Art Programs for both children and adults;Sign
 and Printmaking Assistant.

“I create Artwork in a variety of styles and techniques that are specific to the heart of each topic. My paintings focus on the conditions of Being Human regarding the psychological, spiritual, emotional and social experiences and observations of life. The central theme for all of my work is the human need for healthy and positive connections and resolution.”

Jamie Anderson in concert at Art Alley
Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 4:00pm - $15 ticket

Proceeds to benefit the 2013 Women In The Arts Festival in East Lansing.
Check out WITA at
Art Alley
1133 S. Washington Ave., Lansing 48910
To purchase tickets, call Diane at (517) 896.4046

Touring since the eighties, singer-songwriter-parking lot attendant
Jamie Anderson has played her warm and witty songs in hundreds of coffeehouses, 
concert halls, colleges and festivals in four countries and forty seven states. 
She has ten recordings including her newest, Dare, Jamie's a confused folk singer who doesn't settle in just one
genre. She's country without the big hair, pop without the meat dress, and jazz
without the weird chords. Her songs cover a variety of topics, from body image
("Dare") to why you should send her chocolate ("Menopause Mambo"). "Mamaw's
Roses" is a tender folk ballad about her grandma and "Black and White" is a
thoughtful jazz number about growing older. Jamie loves being a musician, so she
doesn't really park cars, but her mama said she should have something to fall
back on.

Morrice High School Student Exhibition

Morrice High School students created a photography exhibition working with photographer and LCC professor, Roxanne Frith. 
An exhibitionof this work of 45 photographs displayed June 2nd - 5th at Durand Union Station, 200 Railroad Street, Durand, MI. 

MI-Art Share Artist: Kimberly Bernita Ross - Artist Statement: Black women are embracing natural, or non- chemically straightened (Permed or Relaxed) hair for a myriad of reasons. For some women, it is an expression of style, for others it is a political ethos or simply a matter of maintaining authenticity in societies that narrowly define beauty as European. Kimberly's exhibit, Damage Control, through interviews and portrait photography, examines the hair journeys of a diverse group of Black women and girls, as near as California and as far away as Denmark and South Africa.

The title, Damage Control, draws on the duality inherent in the choice to "go natural", which is often a struggle to control the literal damage caused by perming chemicals that have left some Black women with hair breakage or even bald spots, and the emotional damage caused by upholding beauty archetypes. Kimberly interviewed the women primarily in her hometown of Oakland, California in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This exhibit is essentially a conversation about the complexities of self-acceptance and womanhood, and a celebration of Black beauty. Kimberly has a background in journalism and media studies and has reported on issues affecting women, ranging from the activism of Code Pink to the impact of welfare policies on Black women in California. Currently, Kimberly is a doctoral student at Michigan State University in the African American and African Studies program, studying women and gender.

Gallery Party at Windwalker Arts and Underground Gallery Saturday April 13, 7pm

Come to Windwalker (125 Cochran Ave, Charlotte, MI) to see the black light artwork of Alixandra Summit, the photography of Vincent Brady, the work of Detroit artist MALT, and to see Jimmy G and the Capitols play some of their scorching hot blues music!!

To learn more:

The Art & Craft BeerFest is a collaboration between I'm a Beer Hound, REO Town Pub & Mi ArtShare. We will be hosting what is sure to be a great gathering on Saturday, February 2nd from 5-10 PM at 1118 S. Washington in Lansing.

Art Alley will be providing the art in collaboration with MI-ArtShare, and the beer will be brought in by some of Michigan's distinguished breweries. Included in the ticket price is a Beer Hound pint glass and 4 beer tickets good for 2 full pints or 4 half-pints of beer and/or cider. The event will serve as a fundraiser for MI-ArtShare, which exists to promote artist and keep arts throughout Michigan!

Jimmy G. and The Capitols Perform at Windwalker Gallery November 30, 7pm-9pm,
Along with the grand opening of Smith's Photographic Studios, Windwalker Gallery cordially offers a free opportunity to see Lansing natives Jimmy G. and The Captiols for a night that is gonna be consumed in 'Scorchin' Hot Blues Music'! Windwalker gallery is located at 125 S. Cochran Ave. in downtwn Charlotte. Hope to see you there! Smith's Photographic Studios

The new Studios will be a place for other photographers to rent and attend workshops, or give workshops if willing. On Dec 1st there will be the 8th  group shoot for L.E.G.S (Lansing Exposure Group Shoot) at Windwalker Galley, which was started in 2009 by Model Rebecca Tremble and Photographer Lewis Smith to help models and photographers build their Portfolio and help build a network of Artist in the Greater Lansing area. Windwalker has provided an ideal environment  for all working artist to create as will as show case our local talent.

Tia Imani Hanna Project CD Release Party At Art Alley November 2

The Tia Imani Hanna Project is made up of three musicians: Carolyn Koebel (percussionist}; Elden Kelly (singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist); and Tia Imani Hanna (violinist, vocalist and composer). All share an interest in improvisation and in creating music that lives in the moment. All are concerned with shaping a sacred space with music, and in sharing those evolving moments with an audience.

Every piece of music on the CD is completely created in the moment. Spontaneous improvisation. No rehearsal. No pre-planning. We look forward to sharing the finished project with you. We share with others like us on this planet a common connection through sound, spirit and music. We hope to convey a bit of that integral organic unity to as many people as possible as we traverse the spaces between us. Please come out and enjoy the new music we created with the help of all of our Kickstarter supporters. It won't be a party without you!

*Art Alley is located at 1133 S. Washington Ave. Lansing MI
More Info at:

June 9 - July 8, 2012 at Durand Union Station, 200 Railroad Street, Durand, MI. 
"Color, Structure, Light" - featuring
LEWIS SMITH, Photographer
DOUGLAS THAYER, Artist Blacksmith
with music by the Hanna Jazz Trio, with guest artists Tia Imani Hanna on violin and vocals, 
Ed Fedewa on bass and Dennis Therrian on keyboards